Join multicultural activities

Ari Räsänen
Image: Ari Räsänen

The multicultural activities of the Red Cross bring all kinds of people together. As a volunteer you can promote tolerance and help build a pluralistic society.

Find your own way of volunteering

  • Friend visitor activities As a friend visitor you can act as an important source of advice and support for someone who has just moved to Finland while doing things you both enjoy.
  • Language clubs You can work as a volunteer at a language club that gives a flexible opportunity to practice the language needed in everyday life. Language clubs supplement the courses provided by the authorities with focus on conversation.
  • Homework clubs As an instructor at a homework club you help schoolchildren with homework after school. The aim is to prevent marginalization and improve school motivation.
  • The International Club The International Club is open for everyone and provides a meeting place for people from various backgrounds. Its activities bring people together across language barriers and provide an opportunity to gain new experiences and learn in a pleasant environment.
  • Camps At multicultural family camps migrants can enjoy the Finnish nature and have fun together- and of course practice their language skills.
  • Orientation service This aims to provide support in the first phase of the integration. As a volunteer you help newcomers settle in and get to know the people and services in their new neighbourhood.

Becoming a volunteer in multicultural activities

The Red Cross organizes multicultural volunteer work in several towns and municipalities around Finland. Contact your district office to find out how to join in.

One of the key principles of the Red Cross is that everyone is equal regardless of their beliefs, place of birth or appearance. Everyone who embraces the Red Cross values is welcome to join multicultural volunteer work!