On first aid duty at an outdoor event, a man and a woman wearing Red Cross uniforms walk towards the sunset.

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You support the volunteers' relief work for the most vulnerable here in Finland and around the world.

Membership in the Finnish Red Cross is an easy and good way to help. Only 20 euros, and for members under 29 years 10 euros, in year.

Questions and answers about our membership

As a member of the Red Cross, you are a part of a unique network, the world’s largest humanitarian movement, that operates in almost every country in the world.

For many people, the membership is a statement for the values and principles of the Red Cross. For others, it is linked to their volunteer work in the Red Cross.

Paying the membership fee is an easy way of supporting volunteer work in your town.

Membership obliges you to commit to the principles of the Red Cross.

They are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, universality and unity.

That is all.

You can join up as a member easily online

The online payment methods available include online banks, credit cards, MobilePay, Siirto and MasterPass. You can also order an invoice.

Please note! You will receive an email confirmation of your payment if you remember to return to the Red Cross pages after payment.

The membership fees are used to fund local volunteering activities and volunteer training of the Finnish Red Cross. Members play an important role in the domestic aid work of the Finnish Red Cross.

As a membership benefit, you will receive the Avun maailma magazine (4 issues/year) providing information about the Red Cross operations in Finland and around the world. 

Other benefits include:

Notify the Finnish Red Cross about changes to your contact information using the form on this page. If you have any questions about your contact information, please contact us at jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi or call our Member and Donor Services +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8:30 am–4 pm).

Notify us about changes to your contact information using the form on this page.

You can also contact our membership register: jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi. Remember to give your membership number and old address.

The €10 membership fee for people under 29 years old is based on their year of birth and changes automatically.

If you wish to change from an annual membership to a life membership, request a new membership fee invoice from jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi or call +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8.30 am–4 pm).

You can also report changed information using the contact form found on this page.

You can cancel your Finnish Red Cross membership at any time. Not paying your membership fee does not automatically cancel your membership.

If you have any questions about your membership, wish to make changes or cancel your membership, please contact us:

  • Finnish Red Cross Member and Donor Services +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8:30 am–4 pm)
  • or send an email to jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi 
  • or use the form found below on this page.

You can also pay the membership fee later than on the due date on the invoice. Notify the member register of this using the contact information above.

You can become a member for a year at a time, or alternatively for the rest of your life.

  • Annual membership: €20 per calendar year
  • Annual membership for those under 29: €10 per calendar year
  • Life-time membership: €300

Your entire family is welcome to join as Red Cross members. There is no actual family membership available, but all members pay their own membership fee.

Yes, a company or community can support the local Finnish Red Cross operations as a supporting member. Supporting membership costs €300 per calendar year.

Contact your local Finnish Red Cross district office

A membership is a lovely way to celebrate a birthday, christening or naming ceremony.

You need to receive permission from the guardians of a recipient under 15 years old, and people over 15 must provide information that they want to become members. You need to know the birthday information of the recipient for the membership.

The reference number allocates the payment to the correct person. Name information is not enough, since our members include several people with the same name.

Unfortunately not, since the reference number is personal. Pay the invoice for each family member using its own reference number in order to allocate the payment to the correct people.

The account number is FI30 5000 0120 4156 81. Always use the reference number to ensure the correct recording of the payment.

If you do not know your reference number, contact the Finnish Red Cross Member and Donor Services. Call +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8.30 am–4 pm) or send an email to jasenrekisteri@redcross.fi. We are glad to help.

Let’s check the matter. Send a copy of your payment receipt to jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi. We are glad to help.

Unfortunately, you cannot pay the membership fee in advance.

Yes, you will receive the membership fee invoice for the coming year in January. The easiest way is to order the membership fee invoice as an e-invoice in your online bank.

Make an e-invoicing agreement as follows:

  • Select the Finnish Red Cross from the invoicing party list and set monthly donation and/or membership fee as invoice subject.
  • As the identifier, enter the personal reference number found on the membership fee invoice or membership magazine, or request it from the Member and Donor Services: jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi or call the Member and Donor Services +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm)

We no longer send out membership cards.

Your membership number can be found on your invoice and membership magazine, or you can request it by email from jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi. We are glad to help.

You can read the Avun maailma magazine as a digital version online.

If you do not want to receive the paper magazine, please contact us: jasenrekisteri(at)redcross.fi

Yes, and we recommend that you do so! You can encourage your friend to join up by sending the link: https://vapaaehtoiset.punainenristi.fi/liity-jaseneksi/1

Like in all other associations, the board approves all new members in the Finnish Red Cross as well. The approval process takes about a month, a little longer in summer. We do not send a separate notification of membership approvals.

It is worth it. For those who join December, the membership covers the coming year.

The members and volunteers of the Finnish Red Cross take part in the activities of their local branch. There are hundreds of Red Cross branches around the country.

No you do not, you are always welcome to join our activities.

You do not need to be a member to participate in voluntary service, but we recommend membership to all our volunteers.

Join up here (in finnish)

Yes. All members belong to a branch, but membership does not oblige you to volunteer. If you do not ask to join a particular branch, you are added to the nearest branch based on your postal code and language.

Members lead the organisation and can participate in decision-making in their branch.

Being elected for an office in the local branch, on the district level and nationally requires you to be a member of the Red Cross.

For further information, visit the organisation operations pages or contact your region’s Red Cross district office.

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