A Red Cross aid worker caring for a baby in a field hospital.

Donor Services

Photo: Emilia Kangasluoma / Suomen Punainen Risti

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about donations to the Red Cross.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or wish to make changes to your monthly donations agreement, please contact us at lahjoitukset@redcross.fi or call +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8.30 am–4.00 pm).

You can also leave a contact or change request using the online forms on this page.

Frequently asked questions about donating

It is easy to make a donation, and you can choose between many different methods.

Donate online

Payment methods: Finnish online banks, Visa and Master credit cards, MobilePay, Pivo and Siirto.

Companies can also request an e-invoice or paper invoice. The invoice will be sent within 4–5 business days.

The payment gateway and payment service are provided by Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions.

Paytrail Oyj, which will be displayed as the recipient of the payment on your bank statement or credit invoice, will forward the payment to the Finnish Red Cross. Paytrail Oyj is authorised to operate as a payment institution. 

Paytrail Oyj
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä

If you wish to submit a complaint, please primarily contact our Donor Services.

Make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund via text message

Text SPR20 to the number 16499 to donate €20.

Other amounts: 

  • Donate €5 – Text the word SPR5 to the number 16499.
  • Donate €10 – Text the word SPR10 to the number 16499.
  • Donate €15 – Text the word SPR to the number 16499.
  • Donate €30 – Text the word SPR30 to the number 16499.
  • Donate €40 – Text the word SPR40 to the number 16499.
  • Donate €50 – Text the word SPR50 to the number 16499.

Make a donation to activities in Finland via text message

Text SPRLAHJA to the number 16499 to donate €15.

The donation is charged to your telephone bill, and the operator transfers the donation to the Red Cross.

We will send our donors text messages at times of catastrophes and campaigns.

You can stop receiving text messages by texting the word SPRKIELTO to the number 16499 or by letting us know at lahjoitukset@redcross.fi.

Call the donation phone number

  • Donate €20 to the Disaster Relief Fund – Call +358 (0)600 12220 (€20.28 + local network charge).
  • Donate €10 to the Disaster Relief Fund – Call +358 (0)600 12210 (€10.01 + local network charge).
  • Donate €10  to support activities in Finland – Call +358 (0)600 15590 (€10.01 + local network charge).

Donate via MobilePay

Make a one-time donation to the number:

Please note! The Finnish Red Cross districts and branches also have their own MobilePay donation numbers that direct donations to the Disaster Relief Fund.

The donation is charged to your bank account or credit card.

Start donating monthly to the Disaster Relief Fund:

Fill in the donation form and you will receive a link in the response message to complete your monthly donation in the MobilePay app.

Bank transfer to the Disaster Relief Fund

Donate to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund account: OP FI52 5000 0120 4156 73, OKOYFIHH. Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5186.

Other IBAN account numbers and SWIFT/BIC at different banks for donations to the Disaster Relief Fund:

  • Aktia FI18 4055 1110 0013 97, HELSFIHH
  • Danske Bank FI02 8000 1900 2250 05, DABAFIHH
  • Handelsbanken FI18 3131 3001 1990 25, HANDFIHH
  • Nordea FI06 2219 1800 0680 00, NDEAFIHH
  • S-Pankki FI91 3939 0012 3129 30, SBANFIHH
  • Ålandsbanken FI24 6601 0001 0027 99, AABA FI 22

Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5186.

Bank transfer for activities in Finland

To support Red Cross activities in Finland, donate to the account:

  • OP FI29 5000 0120 4156 99, OKOYFIHH
  • Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5335 


  • Nordea FI29 1572 3000 3727 30, NDEAFIHH
  • Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5335 

Make a donation and join us in the aid work. You will get access to social media images and a signature banner that you can use to communicate your social responsibility contribution to your customers and other stakeholders.

When you donate, you will receive an email titled ‘Thank you for your donation to the Finnish Red Cross.’ Companies that make a donation can download and use a donor’s communication package. A link to the materials is provided in the same email.

Example of corporate communication materials for Christmas 2023
Example of corporate communication materials for Christmas 2023.

You can promote your donation online on social media, on your company’s website and in your email signature. The banners can include links to websites such as punainenristi.fi, rodakorset.fi or redcross.fi.

A donation made to the Red Cross means concrete aid for those most at risk.

Read how your donation helps.

Face-to-face fundraisers do important work by attracting new monthly donors. Regular donations are necessary for the Red Cross to be able to offer help for vulnerable people in Finland and around the world.

During weeks 47 and 48, we will be operating in the following places:

Changes are possible in the event of rapidly worsening weather conditions.

  • Helsinki (Keskusta, Herttoniemi, Kulosaari, Malmi, Lauttasaari, Kalasatama, Laajasalo, Ruoholahti, Roihupelto, Kaisaniemi, Hakaniemi, Sörnäinen, Vuosaari, Kallahti, Aurinkolahti, Omenamäki, Itäkeskus, Marjaniemi, Vartiokylä, Kontula, Mellunkylä, Mellunmäki, Vesala, Rajakylä, Länsimäki, Arabia); Espoo (Keskusta, Leppävaara, Tapiola, Niittykumpu, Suomenoja); Vantaa (Tikkurila); Porvoo (Lundi, Keskusta, Nurmijärvi);

  • Oulu (Keskusta, Kaakkuri, Raksila, Kaukovainio, Kastelli, Myllyoja, Toppila, Ritaharju, Tuira); Rovaniemi;

  • Tampere (Keskusta, Hatanpää, Linnainmaa, Hervanta, Kaleva, Lielahti, Turtola, Hakametsä, Kissanmaa, Messukylä, Lahdesjärvi, Petsamo, Tesoma); Pirkkala (Killo, Haikka); Ylöjärvi; Lempäälä (Keskusta); Kurikka;

  • Jyväskylä (Keskusta, Seppälä, Keljonkangas, Rantue, Ritoniemi, Ristonmaa, Mannila, Keljo, Kangas, Pupuhuhta, Kangasvuori, Savela, Kortepohja, Laajavuori, Mattilanpelto, Kukkumäki, Tarhamäki, Vaajakoski, Kuokkalanpelto, Jyskä, Keltinmäki, Tikka, Sulkula, Kylmänoro, Haapaniemi, Kangaslampi, Huhtakeskus, Palokka, Pappilanvuori, Haukkamäki); Äänekoski; Saarijärvi; Jämsä; Keuruu;

  • Vaasa (Keskusta, Kivihaka, Smedsby, Klemettilä, Hietalahti, Vöyrinkaupunki, Melaniemi, Palosaari, Suvilahti); Kokkola;

  • Turku (Keskusta, Ilpoinen, Petrelius, Peltola);

  • Kuopio (keskusta, Linnanpelto, Savilahti, Haapaniemi, Tehdaskatu, Puijonlaakso, Saarijärvi, Kelloniemi, Pirttiniemi, Päiväranta, Kettulanlahti, Levänen); Suonenjoki; Nilsiä; Siilinjärvi; Iisalmi; Lapinlahti; Hankasalmi;

  • Lahti (Tori, Olavi).

How can I be sure that a face-to-face fundraiser is truly working for the Red Cross?

If you encounter a person that talks to you about monthly donations to the Red Cross, you have likely come across one of our face-to-face fundraisers.

Face-to-face fundraisers work in shopping centres, on the streets and at people’s doors. They never enter any home, not even the hallway, since the fundraising permit of face-to-face fundraisers does not allow fundraising in homes.

Our face-to-face fundraisers only request regular monthly donations and are not entitled to accept cash donations. Face-to-face fundraisers will ask for the donor’s bank account number for the monthly donation authorisation required by banks in order to start regular donations. Face-to-face fundraisers work from Monday through to Saturday.

Face-to-face fundraisers are permanently present in some towns, but only visit others for a day or two.

How can I recognise a Red Cross face-to-face fundraiser?

Our face-to-face fundraisers wear blue vests equipped with the Red Cross logo.

Face-to-face fundraisers are employees of the Finnish Red Cross. They come equipped with

  • a name tag with a photo and fundraising permit
  • a red and white Red Cross folder
  • appropriate material with monthly donation forms.
  • Our face-to-face fundraisers register donations both on tablets and with paper authorisation forms. 

The blue vest separates face-to-face fundraisers from Red Cross volunteer box collectors who always wear a red vest.

If you are unsure about a Red Cross face-to-face fundraiser who visited your door, you can check the matter by calling the Red Cross +358 (0)20 701 2000 (Mon–Fri 8.30 am–4 pm). You can also send your question to lahjoitukset@redcross.fi.

In addition, LiveRing Oy acquires monthly donors for the Finnish Red Cross in the capital region and Tampere. The company's employees wear Red Cross hoodies or t-shirts. The company is responsible for its own employees. Questions can be addressed to F2F coordinator Tuomas Mattila, phone: 040 194 5955, tuomas.mattila@punainenristi.fi.

Three Red Cross face-to-face fundraisers standing on a street with red folders and wearing blue Red Cross face-to-face fundraiser vests.
Photo: Eeva Anundi / Suomen Punainen Risti

We deliver aid reliably to crisis areas around the world and in Finland supported by our extensive experience.

Clothing and goods donations produce funds for aid work, but they are also sent directly to support vulnerable people.

Read more about donating clothes and goods.

Donating to the Red Cross is a great and easy way of showing social responsibility.

Read more about company donations.

Making a will to the benefit of the Red Cross enables the continuation of charity and aid to support future generations. 

Here you can find basic information about making a will and a bequest.

A celebration coming up? Ask your friends and family to donate to a cause important to you. A dedicated collection is also a beautiful way of honouring the memory of a loved one.

Set up an online fundraiser

As a digital fundraiser, you can participate in helping in Finland and abroad. Companies can set up a collection for their staff or cooperation partners, too. Share your online collection on social media and via email.

Instructions and tips for an online fundraiser

Collect using bank transfers

If online collecting seems too technical, you can also collect the traditional way by directing funds to the Red Cross bank account. Instructions:

1. Provide those participating in your special day with the account number for your donation target

  • The Finnish Red Cross’s Disaster Relief Fund: OP FI52 5000 0120 4156 73
  • Supporting Red Cross activities in Finland: OP FI29 5000 0120 4156 99

2. Ask participants to enter the name of the special day in the message field, e.g. ‘Bob’s 60th Birthday’ 

3. Please enter information about your special anniversary or memorial donation on this form.

  • Tell us about the special day collection before the participants make their donations, then we'll be able to inform you the summary of the collection.

  • PLEASE NOTE If you want to direct the donations for example to victims of the crisis in Ukraine or to Youth Shelters, add this information on the form under ‘Further information’.

4. You will be informed of the donated sum approximately two weeks after the event by email. 

People wish to help in different ways, which is why we offer various means of donation and communicate about our aid work in many channels. For many people, the letters, calendars, lottery tickets and postcards we send by post are the preferred way of helping and receiving information.

Donating and receiving this kind of mail is always voluntary. Receiving the mail does not oblige you to anything.

How are the funds received through mailing used?

The profits from mailings – such as postcard, calendar and lottery ticket sales – are used to support the domestic aid work of the Finnish Red Cross. For example, we provide help for lonely people, family caregivers, young people in difficult situations in life and people who have lost their homes in fires.

How can I stop receiving mailings or order mailings for myself?

If you wish to order or stop receiving mailings, you can do so on this page.

If you have any questions about mailings, you can contact us via email lahjoitukset@redcross.fi or by phone +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon–Fri 8.30 am–4 pm).

Do I need to pay the invoice I received in the post?

The bank transfer form we have sent you is not an invoice and you do not need to pay it. Buying Finnish Red Cross products and making a donation is always voluntary.

Do I need to return the products?

No you do not. When we send out lottery tickets, we enclose a return envelope which you can use to return the lottery tickets if you so wish.

The Finnish Red Cross is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. We value your trust. 

Here you can find our data protection principles, the terms and conditions regarding the use of our website and our register statements.

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