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The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid.

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 Pawel Krzysiek

Health care services in Syria have all but collapsed, and help is needed urgently. To this end the Finnish Red Cross is challenging everyone to participate in the Hunger Day Collection, to be held on 15–17 September.

Aapo Huhta

In Somaliland, the Red Crescent clinic workers know that the drought reduces malaria but increases eye infections and the risk of epidemics.

Emil Helotie

The drought has destroyed entire crops in parts of Swaziland. A cash donation helps people get through the worst times.

The World AIDS Day animation “The Rise and Fall of Angry Aids” details how the treatment and prevention of HIV has progressed from the point of view of an angry AIDS character.

Jussi Vierimaa / Finnish Red Cross

The number of asylum seekers has decreased significantly. As reception centres are being closed, the Finnish Red Cross is focusing on developing the quality of the services provided, which has also lead to significant financial savings. An example of this is moving from canteens to independent meals.

Jussi Vierimaa / Finnish Red Cross

Next year the Finnish Red Cross will distribute 60,000 kilograms of food in Finland as EU aid. In addition to the aid from the EU, the Rauma branch also distributes leftover school meals and unsold products from grocery stores to those in need.

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