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The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid.

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Laura Vesa / Suomen Punainen Risti

You can still donate online and by phone until the end of October.

Sini Hangaslammi / Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross has compiled a study on risk and disaster preparedness in the Arctic.

Tatu Blomqvist/FRC

The Finnish Red Cross continues the closure of reception centres. According to the Finnish Immigration Service’s plan, the reception centres at Kitee and Kotka will be closed at the end of June. From the beginning of July 2018, the Finnish Red Cross will run 21 reception centres for adults and families and 3 units for unaccompanied minors. The total number of residents is 3500.

Benjamin Suomela / Suomen Punainen Risti

The joint logistics unit of the Finnish and Danish Red Cross organisations left Copenhagen for the disaster area in Indonesia today.

Shirin Hanafieh / ICRC

The Finnish Red Cross is donating EUR 100,000 from its Disaster Relief Fund for humanitarian aid in Ethiopia. In addition to the acts of inter-communal violence that escalated in June, the people of Ethiopia suffer from malnutrition and lack of clean water in Kochere and in the Gedeo Zone.

Emilia Kangasluoma / Suomen Punainen Risti

The hospital treats a hundred refugees from Myanmar daily. The field hospital has been operating for an exceptionally long time.

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Resilience Project in Finland

”Pärjätään Yhdessä” project builds up recilience of local communities in Finland. Goal is to build up networks for local level NGO’s and municipality governmental actors to build up resilience of local communities. These networks organize...

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17.11.2018 to 18.11.2018
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