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The Finnish Red Cross helps people in times of accidents or crises in Finland and abroad. We encourage people to take care of each other and always side with the weak.  

If you want to help increase humanity in the world, join us as a  volunteer, member or donor. Browse our website for plenty of information and support.

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Myanmar emergency aid
The Finnish Red Cross is launching a collection campaign to help people in Myanmar – Help by donating
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See who received the Pioneer Against Prejudice award
Record number of Pioneer Against Prejudice awards
The Red Cross is helping in Syria
10 years in the middle of a conflict – Situation in Syria gets worse by the day
You can help alleviate loneliness
Loneliness has increased dramatically in Finland – the Finnish Red Cross is concerned about the situation
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Get help and support
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First aid
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The operations of the Red Cross are steered by seven fundamental principles.
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