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The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid.

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Johanna Lassy-Mäntyvaara

One month has passed since heavy monsoon rains and Cyclone Komen caused severe floods in Myanmar.

Emil Helotie

Tun Tun Naign, 22, realised the significance of aid work in the state of Rakhine, Myanmar, in 2012, when he was sent there to support those living in a refugee camp.

Niklas Saxén

More than four million Syrians have been forced to flee to the neighbouring countries. Red Cross volunteer Ahmed is one of them.

Tatu Blomqvist

Hunger Day donations can be made until the end of October, which is why the final result will be certain only in November.

Jussi Vierimaa

How can you help the people living in the reception centres?

Kimmo Holopainen

Funds are collected to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Choose your preferred channel to join in - you´ll find the instructions on this page.

Classes and events

3. - 17.10.2015
Sairaalakatu 3, 01400, Vantaa
3. - 4.10.2015
Ailakinkatu 5, 40100, Jyväskylä
3. - 10.10.2015
Heikinkatu 15, 55100, Imatra
4. - 11.10.2015
Kirkonkyläntie 2, 00700, Helsinki
Polvijärventie 9, 83700, Polvijärvi

First-aid courses

3.10.2015 to 4.10.2015
Yliopistonkatu 24, 20100, Turku
3. - 4.10.2015
Uusikatu 22, 90100, Oulu
3. - 4.10.2015
Parkanontie 48, 39700, Parkano
5. - 6.10.2015
Salomonkatu 17 B, 3.krs, 00100, Helsinki
Otavankatu 20, 50130, Mikkeli