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The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid.

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Benjamin Suomela / Finnish Red Cross

The festival area will feature a Red Cross volunteer on call as a support person who can be turned to in cases of harassment. The goal is to achieve zero-tolerance to sexual harassment.

Joonas Brandt

The Finnish Red Cross has been providing lonely people wth volunteer friends for 60 years now. Every year, the services of volunteer friends are requested by tens of thousands of people suffering from loneliness.

Ece Ceren Doğ

It was while fleeing from Turkey to Greece that Arezou was separated from her son. She spent years not knowing how and where he was.

Benjamin Suomela / Finnish Red Cross

Extreme weather phenomena and natural disasters are increasing with the rise in global temperatures. These disasters cause the most suffering to the poorest people in the world, who also have the least influence on climate change.

Corrie Butler / IFRC

The epidemic has killed over a thousand people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the number of cases increasing at an alarming rate in recent weeks. With funding from the Disaster Relief Fund, the Finnish Red Cross has sent an aid worker to the DRC and is strengthening preparedness in neighbouring countries.


The international staff at the hospital includes eight aid workers from the Finnish Red Cross. The Al Hol refugee camp accommodates 74,000 people, 90 per cent of whom are women and children. The hot summer weather is making the conditions in the camp worse.

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Resilience Project in Finland

”Pärjätään Yhdessä” project builds up recilience of local communities in Finland. Goal is to build up networks for local level NGO’s and municipality governmental actors to build up resilience of local communities. These networks organize...

Classes and events

Kalevankatu 1, 08100, Lohja
20. - 21.7.2019
Harjulantie 195, 79100, Leppävirta
Kyminasemantie 4 B, 45610, Koria
Hietaniemenkatu 7 b 5 krs., 00100, Helsinki
29. - 31.7.2019
Storfallsvägen 51, 65410, Sundom

First-aid courses

17.7.2019 to 18.7.2019
Yliopistonkatu 24, 20100, Turku
Lähteentie 10, 96400, Rovaniemi
Lähteentie 10, 96400, Rovaniemi
Vanhantullinkatu 4, 3.krs, 90100, Oulu