Red Cross aid worker feeding nutrient solution to a newborn baby.

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Photo: Meer Abdullah / Afghan Red Crescent
Photo: Meer Abdullah / Afghan Red Crescent

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Support our aid workers where human distress is the greatest.

A donation to the Finnish Red Cross is a present full of hope, caring, listening and support. (Read more)

10 euros will buy porridge for an entire village, 17 euros will buy a maternity package in the middle of a disaster. Show that you care.

You can leave your contact details below and follow our work. It is not necessary, however. You can be an anonymous donor.

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A donation to the Finnish Red Cross is a great way of highlighting your corporate responsibility.By donating, you help increase safety and reduce loneliness.

Make a donation or learn more about our corporate communication materials for the holiday season, and other donation options on this page.

We process donations with extensive experience and professionalism. Thank you for your help ❤️.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company donations.

Contact us by email at or call +358 (0)20 701 2192 (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.).

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The Red Cross banners are an excellent way of communicating your company’s values.

Companies that donate €500 or more can download communication materials.

With Finnish Red Cross banners you can tell about your contribution on social media, on the website and in the signature in emails.

You can link the banners e.g. to, or

Donations to the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund help victims of natural disasters and conflicts around the world and people facing sudden accidents in Finland.

Thanks to donations, aid can be provided quickly and efficiently to dozens of countries each year.

In an emergency, we can supply crisis areas with aid workers and aid equipment, such as tents, blankets, clean drinking water or an entire field hospital.

After providing emergency aid, we can help with the rebuilding and teach locals how to act in a disaster situation. The Disaster Relief Fund also helps us support development cooperation programmes and continuously fight illness and hunger together with local volunteers.

Read more about international aid work

In Finland, the Red Cross provides help in accidents, alleviates loneliness, takes care of the vulnerable and supports immigrants with integration activities.

We maintain our crisis preparedness by training and supporting volunteers all over Finland.

General donation to activities in Finland
General donations to activities in Finland are targeted to wherever funds are needed the most.

Youth Shelters
Youth Shelters in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku and Tampere provide help and support to young people and their families in all kinds of difficult situations.

Youth Shelters help around the clock, every day of the year, and can offer a young person a safe place to spend the night if necessary. A young person or their family can come to the shelter without a referral or appointment. The services are free of charge.

Read more about the shelters

Friend activities
Loneliness is destructive to human well-being. Up to one in five Finns feels lonely. Loneliness can feel like invisibility and emptiness or manifest as physical pain.

Each of us needs the company of another person, and even a single positive relationship can stop the cycle of loneliness.

The Red Cross alleviates loneliness by providing friends to those who are looking for the company of another person. The friends get together and spend time in a manner that suits them, such as having coffee or exercising outside.

Donations made to friend activities are used e.g. for friend activity coordination and volunteer training.

Read more about friend activities

As a Red Cross corporate supporting member you are supporting the local volunteer activities of the Finnish Red Cross. You can become a supporting member by paying a €300 annual membership fee.

As a supporting member, you will receive member benefits – for example discounts from Red Cross first aid products and Christmas cards. Supporting members also receive the Red Cross member magazine Avun maailma four times a year.

For more information about supporting membership and district-specific member benefits, contact your region’s Red Cross district office

The Hunger Day collection raises uncommitted funds for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which can provide help quickly where the need for aid is the greatest.

Companies participating in the Hunger Day collection are a link in this unique chain of aid.

Hunger Day for companies

The Good Holiday Spirit collection is implemented by the Finnish Red Cross and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare in cooperation with Yle to support low-income families with children in Finland.

The donations are used to provide low-income families with food vouchers for buying food to their Christmas table.

The Good Holiday Spirit collection pages

The Finnish Red Cross online shop offers responsible corporate gifts and safety products which allow you to bring joy to your employees, partners and yourself.

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