Join Kontti volunteers

Kaisa Rautiainen
Image: Kaisa Rautiainen

Volunteers are the driving force behind the Red Cross. By volunteering at a Kontti store you can become an important link in the help chain provided by the Red Cross.

The Kontti Recycling Department Stores of the Red Cross sell goods received as donations. The income generated by Kontti stores is used for Red Cross aid work in Finland and abroad. In addition, the Red Cross delivers clothes donated to Kontti stores to the victims of wars and natural disasters.

Volunteers are needed in carrying out the same tasks as regular Kontti employees:

  • sorting of donated goods
  • customer service at the store
  • cleaning
  • price tagging of products
  • ironing

Volunteering at Kontti

Volunteer work at Kontti is suitable for everyone as it can be tailored to each person’s skills. No vocational training is required. All you need is a desire to help.

Your volunteering at Kontti can be organised according to your calendar. As a volunteer worker, you commit to doing what you have promised in advance. At Kontti all volunteer working hours and tasks are arranged together beforehand.

If you are interested in volunteer work at Kontti, contact the supervisors of the nearest Kontti store.