Join the emergency preparedness activities

Eero Pykäläinen
Image: Eero Pykäläinen

The Red Cross is prepared to be ready to help immediately when something happens. This is called emergency preparedness.
The Finnish Red Cross maintains first aid and other emergency preparedness groups all over the country. Anyone can join the groups, and there are several forms of activity to choose from.

When an accident happens, various forms of aid are needed. As a volunteer, you have plenty of choice in selecting the activity to join in.

First aid volunteers help in minor and major emergencies. In case of a disaster, initial care group volunteers help victims and their relatives at the scene of the accident, for instance by organising food and accommodation for them.

Psychological support volunteers can offer their support in searches for missing persons and in fires, for instance. Each summer, the Red Cross festival volunteers provide first aid and carry out drug work in dozens of summer events around Finland.

Some of the volunteer duties might require that you speak fluent Finnish or Swedish. Please check possible language requirements for volunteer duties from your local Red Cross district

The Voluntary Rescue Service helps the authorities

The Finnish Red Cross as well as 49 other organisations belong to the Voluntary Rescue Service. The Voluntary Rescue Service is a union of organisations that participates in hundreds of alerts around the country each year.

In most cases volunteers of the Voluntary Rescue Service are called to help when a lot of helping hands are needed at the same time. Such incidents include searches for missing persons, traffic accidents and fires.

As a member of the Red Cross, you too can join the alert groups of the Voluntary Rescue Service. The Voluntary Rescue Service organises training for those interested.

Teemu Ullgrén

Each year, first aid volunteers are on duty at hundreds of events around Finland. Come join our first aid volunteers! There are groups in nearly every town and municipality.

Niklas Meltio

Psychological support volunteers help by listening to people in extremely difficult circumstances. When faced with a sudden change in life, such as an accident or a disaster, simply having a volunteer present can make a difference.

Niklas Meltio

A ski slope volunteer is a first aid volunteer who helps injured skiers on the slopes and provides emergency first aid. If you like downhill skiing and possess a first aid card, join the Red Cross ski slope volunteers.

Pirjo Ilkka

The volunteer crew aboard the Red Cross service boat Caritas helps boaters and holiday-makers in the Väståboland archipelago in the summertime.

If you are able to provide first aid and do not suffer from seasickness, Caritas welcomes you aboard!