About the Red Cross

Eero Pykäläinen
Image: Eero Pykäläinen

The Red Cross helps when a catastrophe or an accident occurs and trains people to be prepared. The organisation encourages people to look after their own well-being and to take care of each other.

Laura Kotila

The Finnish Red Cross is one of the largest civic organisations in Finland. The objective of the Finnish Red Cross is to help those who need it most both in Finland and abroad.

Martti Kähkönen

The Red Cross volunteers in Finland work in over 500 local branches. We help in accidents and crises, support the authorities in the reception of asylum seekers and employ the long-term unemployed.

Andreas von Weissenberg

The Finnish Red Cross is the most significant Finnish civic organisation providing humanitarian aid. Over the last few years we have also become one of the most important organisations providing development aid.

The idea of a need for an international, unbiased aid organisation was born during the Battle of Solferino in 1859.