Our work in Finland

Martti Kähkönen
Image: Martti Kähkönen

The Red Cross volunteers in Finland work in over 500 local branches. We help in accidents and crises, support the authorities in the reception of asylum seekers and employ the long-term unemployed.

Joonas Brandt / Finnish Red Cross

Finnish Red Cross is one of the partners of the project OIL SPILL, which aims to improve oil spill response capability in the Baltic Sea Region.

Tero Ahtee

The Red Cross volunteers in Finland help people who are dealing with an accident or other crisis.

Katja Lehto

The Finnish Red Cross supports the authorities in receiving asylum seekers and refugees, and maintains several reception centres and branches in different parts of Finland.

Johannes Wiehn

The activities of the Finnish Red Cross are divided regionally into 12 districts and 500 local branches. Each district has its own district office, the main task of which is to support the activities of the local branches.

Veli-Matti Ahtiainen / Finnish Red Cross

The Red Cross Arctic Disaster Management project develops capacities for evacuations in major accidents in cold conditions and maps out the existing capabilities and capacities of the Red Cross for Arctic response.

Joonas Brandt / Finnish Red Cross

The objective of the BALTPREP project is to enhance regional preparedness and response capacities in the Baltic Sea region to enable more effective and timely response to major accidents and disasters in the region.