Most efficient ways to help those suffering from the crisis in Ukraine

Jenelle from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is helping to unload an aid shipment in Warsaw, Poland.
Photo: Anette Selmer-Andresen / IFRC

The best help meets needs.

1. Donate

Ukraine will need help for a long time. By donating to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Finnish Red Cross you can help victims of war and natural disasters around the world. The fund will allow us to provide the help that is needed most at the moment.

Direct collections of items for reception centres, for example, are local operations and organised by our local branches when needed.

You can contact your local branch to find out whether the Red Cross is collecting donated items in your area at the moment. Visit our contact page for contact information for your branch. First, select your district (‘kaikki piirit’) from the menu to view branches.

2. Join us as a volunteer

As a Red Cross volunteer, you can e.g.

Our reception centres are operated by employees, but Red Cross volunteers are often needed in arranging practical matters when a large number of people arrive at a reception centre at the same time.

The crisis in Ukraine has made many people want to help, and many new volunteers have signed up. We arrange volunteer training and offer opportunities for helping as services are opened up in different regions and locations.

Sign up for volunteer duties

3. Be a friendly face

A warm welcome and practical help at the beginning, in particular, are very important to newcomers. Many people are very worried about their loved ones left behind in Ukraine or escaping the area, meaning that the simplest form of help may be a smile or saying hello – accepting your new neighbour as part of your community. 

When you meet someone who is fleeing from a crisis, the most important thing is to listen and be there for them. It is important that refugees are given time and space to settle down in their new home. The best way to help is to ask if the person needs help and what type of help they would prefer.

4. Share correct information

We want to get information quickly in times of crisis. The flood of information also contains misinformation e.g. on social media. Check your facts from reliable sources and only share information that you know to be reliable.

Please see the Finnish Society on Media Education website for more information on media literacy.

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Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund
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