Support from Youth Shelter

Hanna Linnakko
Hanna Linnakko
Hanna Linnakko

Wouldn’t it be great to talk about one’s worries to an adult who doesn’t judge and isn’t interested in whose fault something is?

We welcome all young people and young adults who have small or a bit bigger worries in their lives, for example concerning their family or school.
You can come to talk to the Youth Shelter, and also get a temporary overnight bed if needed.

At the shelter you can always find support and someone to talk to when things don’t feel as good as they could.

The services at the shelter are free of charge for the young. Any reason is big enough for you to call or visit us. Our approach is relaxed but we appreciate that you come when you’re sober!

You can also call the Youth Shelters for advice. The contact information can be found on the page of each Youth Shelter.

Step in the Youth Shelter closest to you!