Support from Youth Shelter

Joonas Brandt
Joonas Brandt

Do you need help in sorting something out in your life? Is there something going on at home or elsewhere that you would like to change? We are here to help at Youth Shelters.

Support in different situations

We welcome all young people, young adults and families who have small or a bit bigger worries in their lives, for example concerning their family or school. You can ask us about anything related to adolescence or parenting. The youth shelters, located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku, will be on call 24/7.

Youth Shelters offer safe places to stay for young people in the form of temporary accommodation even in exceptional circumstances. We welcome all young people who do not have symptoms related to coronavirus. Temporary accommodation for young people is open every day from 5 pm to 10 am.

Youth Shelters are intoxicant-free to ensure that everyone feels safe there.

We can work together to find the best solution for you. Parents also receive support in matters concerning parenting.

Quick help

The shelter services are available 24 hours a day on weekdays and during evenings and nights at weekends. The Turku Youth shelter is open and an employee is available around the clock. The Shelter in Turku is available via telephone every day, helping young people and families even nationally. Any reason is big enough for you to call or visit us.

You can contact us on your own initiative with no need for a referral. All Youth Shelter services are free of charge.

We also help young people throughout Finland in our Sekasin chat

Join us as a volunteer

Do you want to make a difference? Professionals and volunteers work together to help people at youth shelters. We offer many locations for volunteers to help. Let’s make the world a better place together!

Contact your nearest Youth Shelter to find out more.

Contact details for Youth Shelters

The Youth Shelters are located in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Tampere and Turku. Pathway Home supports young adults in the Metropolitan region.

The contact information can be found on the page of each Youth Shelter.

Visit the Youth Shelter closest to you!