Support in becoming independent

Support in becoming independent

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We help adolescents and young adults in transitioning to an independent life. We provide support e.g. with coping and housing. 

Our support for becoming independent entails regular meetings with the young person. We offer discussion support and strengthen the skills of independent living.

We support the young person in becoming independent based on their individual situation. We cooperate with the young person, their loved ones and other actors supporting the young person.

A young person becoming independent can also receive a Red Cross volunteer as a support mentor. Some young people who have received support with becoming independent have later volunteered at a Youth Shelter themselves. 

The Eteenpäin project provides nationwide digital and in-person support to 18–25-year-old young people who are starting to become independent.

Materials and more information about our activities below.

Support in becoming independent in more detail

In the Eteenpäin project, we help young adults aged 18–25 in starting their independent life and moving into their own home. We offer support and advice for young people who are worried about coping independently, moving into their own home, taking care of their finances and organising their own affairs. We help strengthen independent life skills and find more help.

Depending on the need, we can arrange 1–10 meetings. If needed, we will seek further help for the young person’s situation together. Meetings can be attended alone, with family members or another member of the immediate community.

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The manual for a young person becoming independent covers some key issues that almost every person faces when becoming independent. The manual is written from one young person to another, and it discusses the themes of becoming independent with humour and a positive attitude. 

You can access the manual for a young person becoming independent (available in Finnish) here.

The manual is one of the outputs of the Eteenpäin project funded by the European Social Fund.

The Eteenpäin project aims to strengthen the everyday skills of young adults becoming independent and the social participation and civic skills of young adults needing special support. It also aims to decrease exclusion and loneliness among young adults.

The Eteenpäin project model combines digital and face-to-face methods and environments. The project is targeted at  18–25-year-old young adults with a strong need for support for becoming independent, challenges with independent living or an acute threat of homelessness.

We meet with the young people and their immediate communities face-to-face and digitally. You can book an appointment for online support in becoming independent through the appointment booking or by contacting the project employees. Based on the individual needs of the young person, our support includes individual work, family and community work, group training, volunteer activities and networking.

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We can help you take steps on your path to becoming independent. The individual path to independence is planned according to the needs of the young person in question.
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We can support you with a variety of worries by means of discussion, both face-to-face and via video. Let’s find the solution to your situation together!