This is what community can do to prevent racism

Anti-racism guidelines

Anti-racism guidelines for communities

1. We will ensure that our operations are open to all.

We will do our best to make our community easy to join and aim for our operations to be open to all, non-discriminating and free of racism.

2. We will continuously combat racism in our community.

We will identify and change racist and discriminating practices in our operations. We will adhere to shared anti-racist principles.

3. We will continuously combat racism in society.

Our community is part of a society that has racist, oppressive and discriminating structures. We will ensure that our community works to remove these structures, for example by intervening if we see racist behaviour or practices outside of our community.

4. We will promote an atmosphere that allows constructive intervention in racist behaviour.

We will intervene in any racist behaviour or hate speech without delay. We will make sure that any incident is handled in a way that facilitates a genuine opportunity to learn from it.

5. Our equality plan will remain up-to-date and in use.

We will adhere to the equality plan in all our work.

6. We will train the members of our community.

We will encourage the members of our community to learn more about anti-racism. We will acquire training from anti-racism organisations and operators for our staff members.