Hand with an Against Racism! logo sticker holding a bar in a tram.

Let’s work together against racism

Photo: Eeva Anundi / Suomen Punainen Risti

Everyone has the right to be treated as an individual. Not according to what they look like or what their ethnic background or skin colour is.

The Red Cross challenges everyone to take action against racism. Check out our anti-racism guidelines and share them.

Participate in the week against racism from 21 to 27 March. Use the hashtag #weekagainstracism.

This is what you can do to prevent racism
Anti-racism guidelines for everyone
This is what a community can do to prevent racism
Anti-racism guidelines for communities
Read what young people think about racism
“I feel the answer here is to throw prejudices into the bin”
Aim to provide correct information
“How you ask the question is essential”
Join a new group of people
“Listen and try to understand the other person"
The operations of the Red Cross are steered by seven fundamental principles.
The principles of the Red Cross