The Finnish Red Cross does not approve of harassment

Photo: Otto-Ville Väätäinen / Suomen Punainen Risti

The Red Cross has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment and abuse.

Sexual harassment and abuse are violations of the principles and values of our organisation. Even one case is too many for us.

The Finnish Red Cross is doing its utmost to prevent sexual harassment and abuse and responds immediately to allegations and incidents that it is made aware of.

It is important that workers, volunteers, beneficiaries and third parties have the opportunity to report sexual harassment and abuse and that inappropriate behaviour is dealt with promptly.

We encourage our volunteers, members or other cooperation partners and employees to always report any suspected cases of misconduct or unethical activities. Report any incidents to the person in charge of the activity or your supervisor or use the online form.

We want our culture to encourage intervening in harassment and condemn sexual harassment. We all share responsibility for this issue.

We undertake to ensure that the Finnish Red Cross is a safe environment for employees, volunteers, beneficiaries and third parties.

Ethical and responsible Red Cross
Ethical and responsible Red Cross