Principles regarding personnel

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The Red Cross implements an impartial HR policy and common rules.

The principles regarding personnel aim to create a work community with an atmosphere of trust, where employees have the will and opportunity to succeed both as individuals and as a work community.

Planning steers the work community development

Each year, our central administration creates a personnel and training plan in accordance with the Act on Co-operation to steer our long-term HR realisation and monitoring.

The plan places special focus on evaluating the changes that impact personnel numbers, structure and skills. Objectives and measures for developing well-being at work play an important role.

Furthermore, the plan describes the principles on the promotion of equality and non-discrimination and the assessment of their realisation.

We systematically develop the work community and actively listen and engage employees in the development work. The condition and development of the work community is continuously measured through personnel surveys.

We also develop our supervisor work through coaching and training and with the help of supervisor cooperation.

We conduct continuous dialogue with staff representatives, e.g. through the occupational safety committee and the headquarters staff forum that meet regularly. Changes and reforms are prepared in cooperation with the staff.

Recruitment offers opportunities for internal job rotation and career development. Open positions are primarily filled through an application process.

Orientation and coaching

Personnel orientation and continuous coaching are an important part of the operational principles of the Red Cross.

The overall orientation consists of getting to know the Red Cross operations and practices, becoming familiar with the work community, methods and individuals, as well as learning about the tasks, operational processes and cooperation partners of your own unit. A task-specific orientation (occupational instruction and guidance) is also offered. Orientation also makes use of electronic learning environments.

The development of competence is planned and implemented within the framework of the Finnish Red Cross strategy, action plan, budget and official regulations.

The objective is to ensure that competence is developed systematically as required by the operational focus points and related goals. Personal targets are set in performance review discussions.

The Finnish Red Cross does not approve of harassment

At the Finnish Red Cross, we do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or abuse. We undertake to ensure that the Finnish Red Cross is a safe environment for employees, volunteers, beneficiaries and third parties.

Read the Red Cross policy against sexual harassment and abuse

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Ethical and responsible Red Cross
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What does the Red Cross do?