Operational values

Photo: Tatu Blomqvist / Suomen Punainen Risti

In addition to the seven principles, the operations of the Red Cross are guided by the organisation’s values.


We operate locally, close to the people and as part of the community. Our visible day to day activities together with people are open for all and offer opportunities for anyone committed to our principles.

The management of the organisation is open, trust-building and engaged in discussion. We report openly on the results and financial situation of our activities both locally and nationally.

We accept everyone. We view the diversity of volunteers, elected officials and employees as an asset that allows us to
offer diverse and open activities.

Willing to serve

People in need of aid and services are our priority. People taking part in and supporting Red Cross activities receive the information, support, coaching and feedback they need from volunteers and supporting employees. We learn and develop by listening to volunteers and those in need of aid.


We react to the need for aid and use our resources correctly and effectively: we focus on implementing the shared objectives of the organisation.


We actively seek out partners. Cooperating within the Red Cross internationally and in Finland allows us to best help the people in need.

We are an open and cooperative partner, nationally and locally, to other organisations, authorities, businesses and educational institutions.

The operations of the Red Cross are steered by seven fundamental principles.
The operations of the Red Cross are steered by seven fundamental principles.
Ethical and responsible Red Cross
Ethical and responsible Red Cross