Financial and administrative procedures

Photo: Tatu Blomqvist / Suomen Punainen Risti

The decision-making of all Finnish Red Cross organisational units implements good governance, where decision-making responsibilities are clear and decisions are documented with care.

The starting point of financial and administrative matters is that decisions are carefully thought-out, fall within the authority of the decision-maker, comply with the interests and principles of the Finnish Red Cross and observe overall economy. Furthermore, our decision-making must comply with laws and decrees, our Rules and Regulations, Rules of Procedure and related procedures and guidelines.

In addition to what is mentioned above, the organisation of our finances and administration particularly complies with the Finnish Red Cross Finance Rules approved by the FRC Council and the complementary procurement rules approved by the Board.

Decision-making is documented in a way that enables the evaluation of grounds afterwards. The evaluation of the grounds for each decision must be possible even if the responsible people change.

The monitoring of decision-making is carried out by the organisation’s Board, internal auditing, auditors, Steering Committee and Audit Committee.

Each Red Cross employee must carefully ensure the impartiality of operations. Employees must notify their supervisor of any situations where neutrality may be compromised.

A gift or benefit may not be received if it can impact neutrality. We make sure that gifts or benefits cannot be interpreted as bribes. We adhere to moderation with hospitality and expressions of gratitude. We are particularly careful when procurement and contract negotiations are underway. In unclear cases, the benefit must be declined. 

Procurement notices
Procurement notices
Ethical and responsible Red Cross
Ethical and responsible Red Cross