A Red Cross employee transporting a cart of large aid supply boxes down a storage hallway.

Procurement notices

Photo: Marjaana Malkamaki / Suomen Punainen Risti

The Finnish Red Cross procures aid supplies for both national and international aid operations.

Some supplies are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the aid destination and some are procured to the Logistics Centre in Tampere where action-ready emergency aid units, such as field hospitals and healthcare centres, are packaged and stored.

Procurement notices with significant threshold value are published on this page. You can also search for procurement notices through the following portals: Tenders Electronic Daily (EU), HILMA.

If no procurement notices are shown, there is currently nothing new to notify within the framework of the Act on Public Contracts. Procurements are implemented systematically and economically in accordance with the Act on Public Contracts to assure both donators and those receiving the aid that the donation funds are used as effectively as possible.

The contact person for a procurement notice can provide the calls for tenders and detailed information on the procurement. Suppliers interested in collaboration are advised to actively follow this page as the number of procurements varies greatly depending on the disasters in the world.

Procurement notices