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Juuso Haarala
Image: Juuso Haarala

The Red Cross acts as an intermediary between friend volunteers and those looking for human contact. As a volunteer friend, the only thing you have to do is to give some of your time.

Over half of the Finnish population have suffered from loneliness . Social contacts are not self-evident for everyone, and anyone could end up alone. Would you like to join us in bringing delight into a lonely person’s everyday life?

The most important characteristic for a friend volunteer is the ability to listen and be there. You can spend time together by having a coffee, going outdoors or pursuing an interesting hobby. You can decide yourselves how you would like to meet. Friend activities create bonds across age and cultural boundaries, and the time spent together enriches the volunteer’s life as well. 

  • as a friend volunteer for an elderly person
  • as a friend volunteer for an immigrant
  • as a friend volunteer for a recovering mental health patient
  • as a prison visitor
  • as a friend volunteer for a disabled person
  • as a friend volunteer for a young person
  • as a online friend
  • in a friend circle
  • in recreational activities for the elderly
  • as a volunteer in a hospital or a care facility for the elderly
  • as an instructor or a trainer for volunteers.

How can I join in?

You can decide yourself whether you would like to participate in one-time or long-term projects. Provide us with your contact information and we will contact you to tell more about friend activities in your area. We will give you an introduction to the friend activities, and when participating in them, your local branch will provide you with support and advice.

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