Social responsibility, operational quality and procedures

Photo: Tatu Blomqvist / Suomen Punainen Risti

The Red Cross operations are carried out with high quality and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Our activities are based on trust. The prerequisite for all activities of the Red Cross is that the beneficiaries, volunteers and employees, as well as the supporters and parties making our work possible, approve of our operational principles, trust in our functional ability and know our procedures and the results of our work.

Trust and responsibility are the key words of our entire operation. This is why it is vital that our daily work allows us to pay back the trust placed in us by our operators, clients, monitoring authorities, partners and society’s decision-makers. This capital of trust is a resource and a vital necessity.

The operations of the Finnish Red Cross are closely regulated and our existence requires that we abide by those regulations. The quality objectives of our activities are defined in laws and decrees, the needs and requirements of the people we help and the Finnish Red Cross policy.

The extensive regulatory basis of the Finnish Red Cross activities also covers all guidelines and instructions and the procedures and information systems used to manage them. All personnel must abide by the operational principles and procedures presented in the overall guidelines.

Ethical and responsible Red Cross
Ethical and responsible Red Cross