The Finnish Red Cross brings aid to the earthquake areas of Nepal

Photo: Nepalin Punainen Risti

The Finnish Red Cross is contributing €150,000 from its Disaster Relief Fund to an International Red Cross aid operation to help those injured and displaced by the earthquakes in Nepal. 

The earthquake that hit the western part of Nepal late in Friday evening on 3 November 2023 caused extensive damage in the Jajarkot and Western Rukum regions. An estimated 250,000 people are in need of help in Karnali Province in the aftermath of the powerful earthquake. 

The Nepal Red Cross Society has been helping in the affected areas from the very first day. The emergency aid teams of the local Red Cross have given first aid, transported injured people to hospitals, taken part in the searches for missing persons and rescue operations, and offered direct material aid, such as tarpaulins, blankets and mattresses to people who have lost their homes. 

“The west regions of Nepal have faced several earthquakes this year, the previous only about a month ago. This most recent earthquake hit a remote mountainous area, where most people are at a very vulnerable position as it is. Aid will be needed for a long time to come to help the region’s people get back on their feet, says Sari Autio, international aid planning officer of the Finnish Red Cross. 

The Finnish Red Cross is allocating €150,000 from its disaster relief fund to the aid operation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to help those affected by the earthquake. The Nepal Red Cross Society will deliver the aid to those in need in cooperation with the IFRC.  

Help and support are especially directed to those in the most vulnerable positions, such as children, single or pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, the disabled, the elderly and people who have lost their homes. 

“The winter has already started in the mountain region. The first thing needed is cover and warm clothing for those who lost their homes in the earthquake. It is vital that the help reaches the people in most vulnerable positions. It is typical to the Karnali Province and the earthquake area that the children, women and older people often live amongst themselves in the local communities for long periods of time when the men leave for seasonal work in India,” Autio says. 

In addition to the direct emergency aid, mental support and cash aid are offered to the residents living in the affected areas, and support is provided to the local authorities for rebuilding efforts in the region.

The international aid of the Red Cross
The international aid of the Red Cross