Holiday season is upon us

Kristiina Hemminki / Finnish Red Cross
Image: Kristiina Hemminki / Finnish Red Cross

We gathered tips, events and end of year opening hours for your delight.

Hyvä Joulumieli Campaign

Good Holidays Spirit (Hyvä Joulumieli) is a fundraising campaign, that sends out 70 € food vouchers to families with children who are in need. With the voucher the family can buy food for Christmas
The campaign is run by the Finnish Red Cross and Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Red Cross web shop (in finnish)

Web shop is always open. The product range includes Christmas cards and Meaningful gifts, first aid and safety products and products for everyday life.
NOTE! Place your order in the webshop no later than 16.12. kl. 12 and your order will be delivered in time for Christmas Eve.

The need in Syria is getting worse - make a donation to the disaster fund

Your donation is used to help victims of natural disasters and conflicts both in Finland and around the world.
Right now people are in desperate need in Syria. Your donation means food, clean drinking water and medical care as well as shelter from the winter cold.

Finnish Red Cross domestic help

By donating to the domestic appeal, you are supporting the development of our friend visitor activities, first aid group activities and Youth Emergency Shelters in Finland.

Open a Christmas fundraiser on Facebook

Easily open a fundraiser for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Fund on Facebook.

Or start your online collection

You can start your own fundraising online and raise more money. Choose your goals, and collect contributions, for example, in social media and by email.


Join us at Christmas sale, Christmas party or Christmas cafe all over the country

Kontti recycling stores

Opening hours and contact information for Kontti-department stores

Blood Service

Blood service opening hours and contact information.

Youth shelters

Opening hours and contact information for Youth shelters.

Make a New Year's Pledge - in 2020, I support the activities of the Red Cross...

For example as a member, starting as a monthly donor or by joining the Red Cross voluntary activities.

Help with your help!

Kimmo Holopainen

The Red Cross publishes the “Avun Maailma” member magazine as well as the “Apua” magazine targeted at monthly donors. Our other publications include the annual reports, the organisation’s rules and the legislation and Act guiding the operations of the Red Cross.

Jarkko Mikkonen

The Finnish Red Cross procures aid supplies for both national and international aid operations.

Feel free to contact us with service questions, media inquiries etc. Contact information is listed below.