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Mirva Helenius

As a member of the Red Cross, you will touch many people’s lives. Your membership will make it possible for us to continue our voluntary and aid work, first aid courses, friend visitor service and many other good projects.

Thanks to your membership subscription, we will be able to provide assistance quickly and efficiently in crises.

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Being a member of the Red Cross says a lot about you. You are not afraid to support good causes, you believe in the power of compassion, good deeds and being involved.

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Please choose the membership type that suits you best and join the chain of help.

An annual membership is an easy way to be involved in helping. The membership is valid until the end of the year of joining.

20 €
Katja Lehto

The membership fee for those less than 29 years of age is €10 and membership is valid until the end of the year of joining.

Are you a student? Click "As a youth member I want to receive a badge for my overalls" tick box and we´ll send you the "Käyttäydy inhimillisesti" badge to sew into your overalls.

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10 €
Reijo Hietanen

Choose life time membership when you always want to support the Red Cross. The one-time fee covers the entire membership duration.

300 €