Support for integration in Finland

Petri Olli
Image: Petri Olli

The Red Cross organizes free time activities and offers volunteer visitor services in order to support migrants.


Settling into a new culture requires adopting many new things. In the early stages of integration, it is essential to get in contact with local people and learn more about the municipality/ town where you live as well as the everyday life in Finland.

Activities guide through everyday life

The Red Cross organizes a great deal of activities that help migrants in the first steps of the integration.

  • Visitor Services Through visitor services you can get a friend with whom you can do things together you both enjoy and ask advice on things that might feel unfamiliar. 
  • Language clubs The aim of the language clubs is to offer a flexible opportunity to practice Finnish or Swedish skills needed in everyday life. Language clubs supplement the courses provided by the authorities.
  • Homework clubs At a homework club the Red Cross volunteers help children with homework after school. The aim is to prevent marginalization and improve school motivation.
  • International Club The International club is open for everyone and provides a meeting place for people from various backgrounds. It brings people together across language barriers and provides an opportunity to gain new experiences and learn.
  • Camps At multicultural family camps migrants can enjoy Finnish nature and have fun together- and of course practice their language skills!
  • Orientation service The service aims to provide support in the first phase of the integration. Volunteers help newcomers settle in their new homes and get to know the people and services in their new neighborhoods.

Aiming at a pluralistic society

The Red Cross is committed to work against racism and discrimination and promoting tolerance through all its actions. Our aim is that migrants and local people get to know each other and work together for a pluralistic society.

Another target is to encourage migrants to join the Red Cross activities as volunteers. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet people- and integrate!

Contact your district office for more information!