Become a monthly donor


Even small deeds have great effects

Donated funds are vital for the operations of the Finnish Red Cross. Thanks to regular donations, aid supplies and aid workers are ready as soon as something happens in Finland or abroad.

How do I become a monthly donor?

When you donate regularly, for example the price of a lunch once a month, you donate a month’s worth of food to someone living in a poorer country. And if you direct your aid to operations in Finland, you will be supporting the friend visitor activities and the Emergency Youth Shelters, among others.

Please choose the most suitable donation cause for you. You can direct your aid either to the Disaster Relief Fund or to volunteer activities in Finland, or 50/50 to both.

Fill in the donation form - click here >>

Fill in the donation form online and set up a monthly e-invoice in your online bank or choose an authorisation form, which we will post to your home address for you to sign, along with a return envelope.

Please note that you need an address in Finland and a finnish bank account to start as a monthly donor!

A monthly donation is an easy way of helping

By filling in the authorisation form, you give the Finnish Red Cross the permission to debit the agreed sum from your bank account.
The donation will be debited from your account either as an electronic invoice or as a direct payment, depending on your choice. When you are charged for the first time, please set the electronic invoice to be paid automatically.