Whistleblowing in Finnish Red Cross

This notification channel is not intended for customer complaints and feedback, please use the normal feedback channel.
Here's how to report abuse
In all its activities, the Finnish Red Cross adheres to the highest ethical principles, as well as laws, guidelines and regulations. That is why we encourage volunteers, members or other partners and staff to always report any suspicion of abuse or unethical behavior.
What should I report?
Report a suspicion of a violation when your suspicion concerns possible abuse or unethical behavior by the Red Cross. This may include, but is not limited to, unethical, fraudulent, dishonest, dishonest, illegal or negligent behavior or conduct by a member of staff.
All notifications will be treated in strict confidence. The identity of the notifier is kept confidential throughout the process.
Anonymous and safe
Your message will always be completely anonymous if you do not write your contact details in the message. However, if you use the form, we will ask you for an email address that we will not see so that we can communicate with you anonymously. The service is under external control, which prevents employees of the Finnish Red Cross from seeing and storing email addresses, IP addresses or other information that would identify the person who sent the message.
Here's how you report
Suspected abuse can be reported using this form or
Internal Auditor 
Email (riika.viik(at) redcross.fi),
by letter, Tehtaankatu 1a 00140 Helsinki, Finland
by phone on 020701 2000
or in a separate meeting
The envelope should be marked "Confidential / Report Abuse".
It is advisable to include the name and contact details of the notifier in the notification so that the Finnish Red Cross can, if necessary, request the notifier to clarify the information or provide additional information. However, the notification may also be made anonymously.
If you wish to make the announcement by phone or in a meeting, the person should contact the Internal Auditor directly on 020701 2000
At the outset, it must be noted that this is a report of a suspected abuse. The gateway directs the call to an internal inspector or lawyer
For more information:
Red Cross Privacy Policy
Privacy: You have the right to request and obtain a list of all the information stored about your case. If necessary, you also have the right to ask the Finnish Red Cross to correct incomplete and incorrect information. https://www.punainenristi.fi/tietosuoja