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Act against racism

Week Against Racism will be taking place on 18–24 March 2024. The theme this year is intervening in racism.

The campaign week challenges us all to identify instances of racism and take action against it. By intervening in instances of racism, we show that we care.

Over the course of the week, those who have experienced racism will be given a voice, with real stories and situations shining a light on the various different forms racism takes. These experiences will also demonstrate tangible ways in which we can intervene in racism.

“Once, when I was in a shop, this man started giving me abuse because of my headscarf. It felt good that my friend intervened in the man’s behaviour and didn’t just stay silent.”

How to participate

Simply talking about the topic is in itself a huge step and helps encourage action in a variety of situations. You can participate in the Week Against Racism by sharing the message of the campaign on social media or by raising the topic around the coffee table. Even small acts or gestures can be a big turning point in the life of someone who has experienced racism.

For ideas on how to participate in the campaign and campaign materials, click here.

Identify and Act navigator – test out how you would act

How would you feel if someone you did not know were to yell at you and your young child in a shopping centre? Or if you constantly had to explain why you look the way you do?

How would you want others to act in these situations?

Using the Identify and Act navigator, you can test out how you would act in these scenarios. The guiding examples are real experiences of racism.

Go to the navigator.

Activity ideas

Share the campaign message on social media. Download images and videos from the material bank.

Test how you would act in various situations where people are experiencing racism.

Order free sharable materials from the Red Cross shop. You can order stickers, table-top displays, posters and reflectors.

Get familiar with anti-racism action guidelines.