The Red Cross supports the Finnish Immigration Service with information on how to help people affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Information point compiles information on offers of help.

At the request of the Finnish Immigration Service, the Finnish Red Cross has set up a national information point (in Finnish) to answer questions and bring together information on the help available.

The information point was set up to coordinate offers of help at a time when the authorities and organisations are being contacted in large numbers by various parties to help those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

“The conflict in Ukraine has sparked a strong desire to help in Finland too. The desire to help is a wonderful thing. At the same time, it is important that the aid provided genuinely responds to the needs of those affected by the crisis and is delivered in a coordinated manner to those who need it most. We gather information on offers of help so that the aid can be organised efficiently through established operators. Not all help can be received at the moment, but we will share information on effective ways to help,” says Aki Pihlaja, Head of the National Preparedness Unit for the Finnish Red Cross. The information point operates online at punainenristi.fi/ukrainainfo and is open to private persons, communities, organisations and companies.

You can contact the Red Cross with the form on the website if

  • you would like to accommodate people fleeing Ukraine in your home or apartment (private accommodation)
  • you would like to offer accommodation facilities or a property to people fleeing Ukraine
  • you want to make a donation and need more information
  • you are looking for the best way to help.

The information point will answer questions, compile the information provided and pass it on for the coordination of aid as needed. Information on the aid provided may be shared with authorities, municipalities and organisations as appropriate. The regional and local operators will decide whether the aid offered can be accepted and how it can be used.

If necessary, the Red Cross will also forward any questions to the right authority. The form can also be used to submit other types of offers to help those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

“It’s great that so many Finnish people want to help. But we need to centralise the offers of help and related enquiries. As an experienced and competent aid organisation, the Finnish Red Cross is the perfect partner to support the authorities in this challenging situation,” says Pekka Nuutinen, Director of the Finnish Immigration Service’s Reception Unit.

Contact the Finnish Immigration Service if

Aid to the victims of the crisis in Ukraine
Aid to the victims of the crisis in Ukraine