Finnish Red Cross helps in the Ukraine conflict

Photo: Ukrainan Punainen Risti

Among other things, the Finnish Red Cross funds healthcare support services in Ukraine. Now we are ready to increase our aid efforts there.

For several years, the Finnish Red Cross has provided aid for people suffering from the conflict in eastern Ukraine and this aid continues.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has allocated one million euros to the Finnish Red Cross for aid work in Ukraine. The funds will be deployed through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The funds will be used to keep up the aid work that the International Red Cross and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society have been doing in Ukraine for many years.

The Red Cross has distributed material aid as well as provided support for the healthcare and water sectors.

Medical and other healthcare supplies are provided to healthcare centres on both sides of the Contact Line. Food, cash assistance and supplies to maintain livelihoods are handed out to people. Funds are also used to distribute hygiene packs, improve water systems and spread information about landmines.

A drawn-out conflict

The Finnish Red Cross is deeply concerned about the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and its impact on people’s lives. The conflict has already lasted nearly eight years. Even before the latest events, there were 1.4 million internal refugees and 2.9 million people in need of humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

We watch the situation carefully and are ready to increase our aid if requested to do so. The Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund collects funds that are not committed to any specific target, but can be used as needed to help victims of natural disasters and conflicts anywhere in the world. When necessary, aid can quickly be channelled from our Disaster Relief Fund to Ukraine.

Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund
Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund
Humanitarian aid
Humanitarian aid