Let's help together

Photo: Ukrainan Punainen Risti
Photo: Ukrainan Punainen Risti

Let's help together

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Millions of people have lost their homes. There is a shortage of everything: food, water, energy, medication, and apartments. You can help.

With your support, The Red Cross distributes aid to the victims of the crisis in Ukraine. Donate now, or read more about our aid work.

Please leave your contact details below and follow our work. It is not necessary, however. You can be an anonymous donor.

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Stockmann is gathering funds together with The Finnish Red Cross to help those suffering from the crisis in Ukraine

After the escalation of the conflict, the Red Cross has provided tens of thousands of food and hygiene kits to the civilian population, improved water distribution, organized first aid training and evacuated people.

By donating, Stockmann’s customers, staff and partners can help those affected by the crisis. With your support more people can get the help they need.

You can also donate throught

In the department stores you can donate an amount of your choosing at Stockmann’s own cashiers.

Bank account

Account: OP FI52 5000 0120 4156 73, OKOYFIHH. Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5665.

Thank you for caring ❤️