Let’s help Ukrainians together

Let’s help Ukrainians together

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Millions of people have lost their homes. There is a shortage of everything: food, water, energy, medication, and apartments. You can help.

With your support, The Red Cross distributes aid to the victims of the crisis in Ukraine. Donate now, or read more about our aid work.

Please leave your contact details below and follow our work. It is not necessary, however. You can be an anonymous donor.

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The desire to help is shared by all S Group employees in Finland. With our regional cooperatives and customers, we raised almost EUR 1 million in donations in 2022 to the Finnish Red Cross to provide much needed help. In addition, S Group has made material donations to assist Ukrainian refugees in Finland, and our regional cooperatives have employed Ukrainians when possible.

S Group continues to provide support. In addition to the monetary and material donations by the Group and supporting the opportunities for sports and hobbies provided for Ukrainians, S Group customers can help Ukrainians through their regional cooperative. The cooperatives provide opportunities to donate bottle deposits from recycled bottles to the Finnish Red Cross’s Ukraine fund and to purchase S Group gift cards that are given to Ukrainian refugees, for example.

As a donor you are protecting the most vulnerable. Help is needed both by people in Ukraine and in countries where people have fled.

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Account: S-Bank FI91 3939 0012 3129 30, SBANFIHH. Recipient: Finnish Red Cross. Reference number: 5652.