Disaster Relief Fund

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Sirpa Lehtimäki

During Hunger Day collection we collect unbound funds for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Fund. Your donations are used to help victims of natural disasters and conflicts both in Finland and around the world.

Right now, the Finnish Red Cross Field Hospital in Bangladesh is maintained with the help of donations collected the last Hunger Day collection 2017. Nearly one million people have moved from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The field hospital is open 24 hours a day, and in particular, it takes care of difficult deliveries and performs demanding operations. The need for help is urgent.
In Finland, the Hunger Day donations are used for example to help fire victims and to maintain emergency preparedness for accidents. In 2017, the Red Cross helped in 121 fires around Finland.
The funds collected are not tied to a specific target in advance, and can be used quickly where help is needed the most.

Your help matters

The Disaster Relief Fund’s fundraising costs amount to no more than 15% a year. Fundraising costs include fundraising supplies, such as collecting boxes and vests, fundraising safety and communications. The rules and tight monitoring of the Disaster Relief Fund control the use of the donated funds.

Would you like to start as a monthly donor?

As a monthly donor, you ensure the continuation of aid work. Thanks to regular donations, aid supplies and aid workers are ready as soon as something happens in Finland or abroad.
With your help, volunteers can offer hope and safety for those in need every day if the year – everywhere in the world.