Types of aid

Juha Blomberg
Image: Juha Blomberg

Familiarise yourself with the disaster relief work, health work and humanitarian aid provided by the Finnish Red Cross.

A lot of the work in the operations of the Finnish Red Cross, for example, in conflicts, disasters or in regions that suffer from long-term crises cannot be clearly categorised traditionally as solely development cooperation or humanitarian aid. The continuum in the international aid work of the Finnish Red Cross refers to smooth transition from one kind of aid to another according the needs of each situation.

In those regions where the Finnish Red Cross has provided humanitarian aid for a long time the intention is to quickly shift to more long-term development needs whenever it is possible.

The Finnish Red Cross has participated in international humanitarian aid operations since its foundation in 1877. Its special strength has been the ability to deliver high-quality humanitarian aid quickly and efficiently.


Through its volunteers the Red Cross is able to be present before, during and after the disaster. The aim of the FRC is to improve the ability of the communities to respond to disasters and to alleviate their impacts within those communities.

Andreas von Weissenberg

Health is perceived broadly as a state of physical, mental and social well-being in the work of the Finnish Red Cross. Health work focuses at the needs and threats related to the health and well-being of people and their communities.