Hunger Day collectors take over Finland

Photo: Joonas Brandt / Suomen Punainen Risti

The Hunger Day collection is best known for the volunteer collectors wearing red vests. The box collectors are on the move everywhere in Finland from 26 to 28 September 2024. You can join, too.

Join Hunger Day collection as a box collector 26.–28.9.

Questions and answers about collecting donations

The Hunger Day box collection takes place between 26 and 28 September 2024. You will need to bring a photo ID and weather-appropriate clothing.

Local Red Cross volunteers organize box collection in almost all over the Finland. Please find more detailed information in the event calendar.

Find your nearest box collection point

You will only need to bring a photo ID and weather-appropriate clothing.

The Hunger Day box collection is organised in nearly all towns throughout Finland. You can participate in the collection in any location and for as long as you like. The practical arrangements of the collection vary by location.

Your nearest collection location

In addition to box collecting, you can collect donations online. The easiest way to participate in Hunger Day is to become a Hunger Day digital fundraiser.

Anyone can become a box collector. A box collector does not need to be a member or volunteer of the Red Cross; anyone who wants to help by providing their time can join in.

Primary school-aged children must be joined by a sufficient number of adults to be in charge of the boxes and children.

Hobby groups, groups of colleagues and school classes can also participate.


Anyone can become a box collector. However, for the safety and comfort of the collectors, we recommend the following

  • children of elementary school age (7–12-year-olds) always collect in the supervision of an adult
  • children of lower secondary school age (13–15-year-olds) may collect without adult supervision, preferably in pairs or groups
  • young people of upper secondary school age (aged 16 and older) may collect independently.

How to set up your own online fundraiser

  • Set up your own online collection
  • Choose your donation target.
  • Decide whether you want to set up your personal fundraiser or Team fundraiser under which people can join to collect a shared sum.
  • Give a name and target sum for your fundraiser.
  • Explain why you set up the fundraiser and ask people to donate.
  • When you are ready, publish your fundraiser.
  • Share the collection link in social media, via WhatsApp or by email. Posting the fundraiser once may not reach everyone, and you should share it repeatedly.
  • You can monitor the donations on your fundraising page.

Ask about the Hunger Day collection

of collectors say they would like to do it again

Hunger Day for schools and companies

Hunger Day offers pupils an excellent opportunity to influence matters through their own actions both in Finland and abroad. Involve the pupils and invite the staff, parents and relatives along to help.

Tips for Hunger Day in schools (in finnish)

Companies taking part in Hunger Day are part of a unique chain of aid. Invite staff, stakeholders and customers along to help. 

This is how companies can participate in Hunger Day

This is how a Hunger Day donation helps
This is how a Hunger Day donation helps