Start a digital fundraiser

Collecting donations online is a fun and easy way to volunteer. As a digital fundraiser, you are helping us provide aid in Finland and abroad.

How to set up your own online fundraiser

  • Set up your own online collection
  • Choose your donation target.
  • Decide whether you want to set up your personal fundraiser or Team fundraiser under which people can join to collect a shared sum.
  • Give a name and target sum for your fundraiser.
  • Explain why you set up the fundraiser and ask people to donate.
  • When you are ready, publish your fundraiser.
  • Share the collection link in social media, via WhatsApp or by email. Posting the fundraiser once may not reach everyone, and you should share it repeatedly.
  • You can monitor the donations on your fundraising page.

Raise awareness of your fundraiser on social media

When you ask for donations online and on social media, the most effective way is to explain why helping is important to you. Do it in your own way:

  • Post a funny photo or video
  • Make an Instagram/Facebook story about your day
  • Challenge your friends to make a donation equal to the price of a lunch
  • Post a nice text, quote or poem on e.g. Twitter
  • Tag the people in the image if they have agreed to it
  • Remember to check that the Red Cross is visible in your post and that it contains a link to the fundraiser. You can also use the hashtag #punainenristi and #redcross or select an image or text that explains the issue.

Thank you for helping out!