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We will all encounter unexpected moments and challenging situations in our lives. We do not need to face them alone. The Finnish Red Cross is here for you, whether your need for aid is sudden or it has developed over time. 

We support people of all ages across Finland. Depending on the situation, our helpers can be either professionals or trained volunteers. We have perspective and experience of crises and needs of various sizes – after all, we have indeed provided help in Finland since 1877. 

Learn more about the forms of help and support, and contact us. Let’s find a solution together.

Whether you are young, elderly, recently moved to the country, a family caregiver or feeling lonely for whatever reason and needing the company of another person, you can receive a friend through the Finnish Red Cross. You can also apply for a friend on behalf of your loved one. The friends get together and spend time in a manner that suits them.

Together with your volunteer friend, you can do various things that interest you both, such as exercising outdoors, having coffee, going to the theatre or a concert, or simply just chatting.

Read more about friend activities

If you are a young person or a loved one of a young person and need support managing everyday life, family conflicts or other problems, you can receive help at the Finnish Red Cross Youth Shelters. Your problem can be big or small, we are here for you.

Contact us online, call us whenever you need to or come directly to one of our Youth Shelters. You can come to us on your own initiative and without an appointment. Our help is free of charge.

Read more about Youth Shelters

Do you have questions about health and lifestyles? We offer anonymous health advice free of charge across the country. 

At our Health Points, you can talk about nutrition, coping, exercise or substance use among other themes. You can also have your blood pressure checked free of charge. We do not carry out actual medical treatments, but we can discuss with you and direct you to a health centre or other services as necessary.
Find your nearest Health Point

Our volunteers are also on duty at various events and talk confidentially with visitors about matters related to substances and sexual health. If something is weighing on your mind, do not hesitate to approach us!

Read more about health promotion

The Finnish Red Cross organises food aid activities in several towns. Ask for more information from your local Red Cross district office or branch.

You can also search for the food distributions of other operators in your area on this page: ruoka-apu.fi

Read more about the food aid activities of the Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross support activities for family caregivers strengthen and promote the health, quality of life and independent everyday life of family caregivers and their families.

The services are intended for anyone caring for a family member or loved one at home regardless of whether they receive municipal informal care support.

Read more about our help for family caregivers

Divorce, unemployment, illness, accident, death of a loved one or being the victim of a crime, for example, may feel very hard. By recognising your own crisis reactions and those of others and by seeking help, you can help yourself and others cope through a crisis.

Learn more about our psychological first aid instructions

Volunteers and employees of the Finnish Red Cross can help victims of sudden accidents in Finland in cooperation with the authorities. A sudden accident could be a fire, flood or other natural disaster, traffic accident, major accident or becoming the victim of a crime.

Read more about help in the event of accidents

The Finnish Red Cross offers children and young people various kinds of activities and support, e.g. clubs and camps, help with loneliness or support with homework.
Read more about our support and activities for children and young people

If you are a young person or a loved one of a young person and need support managing everyday life, family conflicts or other problems, you can receive help at our Youth Shelters.
Learn more about our Youth Shelters

We help families separated by different types of disasters and crisis situations by tracing lost relatives and delivering messages e.g. where normal mail services or telecommunication links are unavailable due to exceptional circumstances.

Learn how to look for a missing family member

Settling in to a new culture requires people to adapt to new things. Initially, many immigrants require contacts with local people and help getting to know their new location and Finnish culture.

Read more about our integration support

Safe everyday life and aiding skills are not self-evident. Anyone can improve their everyday safety by preparing for small and large accidents.

See tips and instructions on improving the safety of your home

Do you have a home emergency supply kit? Do you know how to prepare for a sudden loss of water supply or electricity?

Our instructions help you prepare for the most common emergency situations

The Red Cross aims to ensure that everyone has access to the essential services that they are entitled to.

If you are living in Finland without a residence permit and need support and guidance, you can contact us.

Helping young people with everyday problems – the Red Cross
Helping young people with everyday problems – the Red Cross