A smiling elderly woman with a small child and its mother.

Help with loneliness

Photo: Joonas Brandt / Suomen Punainen Risti

Loneliness affects most of us in different situations in life. Each of us needs the company of another person, and even a single positive relationship can stop the cycle of loneliness.

The Finnish Red Cross offers friends where they are needed. The trained volunteer friends from our friend activities bring joy to the everyday lives of lonely people. First and foremost, the volunteer friend is a listener and someone to talk to.

A friend brings joy

Whether you are young, elderly, recently moved to the country, a family caregiver or feeling lonely for whatever reason and needing the company of another person, you can receive a friend through the Finnish Red Cross.

You can also apply for a friend on behalf of your loved one. The friends get together and spend time in a manner that suits them.

What can you do with your friend?

Together with your volunteer friend, you can do various things that interest you both, such as exercising outdoors, having coffee, going to the theatre or a concert, or simply just chatting.

A friend can help you with your shopping or doctor’s appointment or provide a family caregiver with a much-needed breather. Another good way of meeting other people are our various groups and other arranged meeting places

You can also be a friend online. With a reliable online friend, you can have anonymous one-to-one discussions online using email messages or discussion applications. An online friendship is independent of time and place.

How can I get a friend?

You can get a friend by contacting your nearest friend service. You can ask for a long-term friendship or one-off help.

The Finnish Red Cross will find you a suitable friend. The forms and extent of friend activities vary by location.


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