Mother holding a warmly-clad baby in her arms at a refugee camp.

Donate clothes and other goods

Photo: Mirva Helenius / Suomen Punainen Risti

We deliver aid reliably to crisis areas around the world and in Finland supported by our extensive experience.

Clothing and goods donations produce funds for aid work, but they are also sent directly to support vulnerable people. According to the principles of the Red Cross, aid and professional staff are sent only when requested: the local Red Cross in each country requests help when it is not locally available.

Clothing sent by the Finnish Red Cross has a good reputation: they are of good quality and well sorted and packed, meaning that they are easy to distribute even in difficult conditions.

Our warmest thanks to all donors!

How to donate clothes and other goods

Kontti second-hand department stores across Finland accept undamaged clothes and goods.

The donations will then be sorted, either to be put on sale in the Kontti store or sent to international aid depending on the needs of the beneficiaries. 

Visit the Kontti website:

  • online shop
  • store locations
  • goods donation instructions
  • pick-up service
  • collection boxes

The profits from the Kontti chain are used towards Red Cross aid work in Finland and abroad. Two thirds of Kontti’s profit is directed to aid operations in Finland and one third to the Disaster Relief Fund which provides aid in sudden crises and accidents in Finland and around the world.

Clothing for international aid

Finnish Red Cross deliver undamaged and clean donated clothes also directly to areas affected by crises as well as national Red Cross and Red Crescent associations in Mongolia and Tajikistan, for example. 

The Finnish Red Cross logistics centre in Kalkku, Tampere, manages the delivery of aid to international aid destinations. 

Kontti second-hand department stores across Finland accept undamaged clothes and goods.

Donate services and material

Use this form to provide the Finnish Red Cross with information about goods donations and services and other possible donations.

Based on the information we receive, we select the products and services needed at any particular time. We will contact you to agree on cooperation details.

We only accept intact, functional and undamaged products and clothes.

You can also donate to the Red Cross Kontti second-hand department stores where donated items are sold to support the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and activities in Finland. Find out more about the Kontti stores here.

We warmly thank you for your desire to help!

Fill in the form and click Submit.

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Location of material to be donated

Thank you!

Help children and residents of cold areas by knitting and sewing: there is always a need for children’s clothes, socks and mittens! If you need patterns for children’s clothes, you can order them free of charge from our headquarters at

Knit socks and mittens to cold countries

There is constantly a great demand for woollen socks, mittens and other woollen clothes. Woollen clothes have been sent e.g. to Mongolia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. We hope that knitters would make socks, hats and mittens for adults and children of different ages using traditional sock yarn. 

To make sorting easier, you should attach the socks and mittens in pairs.

Make a Mother Teresa quilt blanket

Children have received warming Mother Teresa blankets for 30 years now. The blankets were originally delivered to the Mother Teresa children’s home in India. Please note that the blankets are delivered to many different areas, so religious symbols (e.g. crosses) are not suitable.

  • Use woollen yarn (preferably at least 50% wool) to knit patches of equal size, e.g. 18 cm x 18 cm (use a cardboard model to help you).
  • Common blanket sizes: adult blanket 7 x 9 = 63 patches, children’s blanket 6 x 8 = 48 patches. The blankets can also be of other sizes.
  • Join the patches horizontally and vertically in turn. You can trim the edges with crochet.

When the clothes and blankets are ready, where can I send them?

You can send your clothes and blankets to:

SPR Kontti / Kansainvälinen vaateapu
Pakarituvantie 9
Tel. +358 (0)40 578 6972 (Kontti online store customer service)

Select one of the following delivery methods:

  • Matkahuolto: delivery to your door between 8 am and 4 pm, or
  • Posti: delivery to your door during the day.

We are not able to collect any orders!

Please remember to add our telephone number 040 578 6972 to the delivery information, otherwise the package will not be delivered. The postage is paid by the sender.

Ask your local branch or district office about their upcoming collections, flea market events or joint transports to a Kontti store or our logistics centre.

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items of clothing donated by the Finnish Red Cross to foreign aid in 2023