The new Nose Day to be launched in autumn

Photo: Ari Räsänen / Suomen Punainen Risti

The Nose Day Foundation has signed a partner agreement with a new media partner and started a conceptual reform. More information on the new Nose Day will be shared in autumn.

Campaign activities have been on hold since the end of the cooperation agreement with Yleisradio in the spring. The foundation’s Board of Directors immediately started negotiations on the new cooperation model, which has now been confirmed.

“The Nose Day is a well-established brand that we can now renew with the help of the new partnership, allowing us to reach not only former loyal supporters but also new audiences. We are very excited about this,” says Tomi Järvinen, the chair of the Board of Directors of the Nose Day Foundation.

The Nose Day organisations are committed to continuing the broadcast that maintains awareness of the situation in developing countries, focusing on the circumstances of children. According to Järvinen, conflicts such as those in Gaza and Ukraine bring emergencies closer to people.

In February, the foundation announced that Yle’s Nose Day show will not be seen in 2024. Despite the break in the campaign, the work for developing countries by the nine organisations supported by the Nose Day has continued. Järvinen says that there is a major demand for this help.

“With conflicts and societal changes, many countries are now starting to turn inward. At the same time, more than in a long time, what happens elsewhere is also affecting us. These problems are shared. And we can also solve them together,” he says.

“It is amazing that we can continue as the Nose Day crew together and do something concrete and positive in a world coloured by negative news. We would like to thank our supporters for the past and challenge ourselves to continue our journey in a new way and with a new concept.”

The Nose Day funds are used through the member organisations to support, for example, children’s education, health and food security in Africa, Asia and South America. In 2023, the Nose Day campaign yielded approximately EUR 1.8 million. Over a total of 17 years, the campaign has raised EUR 42 million.


Tomi Järvinen, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Nose Day Foundation

tel. +358 40 641 8209

Development cooperation
Development cooperation