Abdulaziz Al-Droubi, SPR:n aineistopankki

Are you interested in working for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement? Join us to learn about the different possibilities to work for the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement as an international aid worker.

Tehtaankatu 1 a, 00140, Helsinki
020 701 2000
020 701 2320
Pirjo Ilkka

The volunteer crew aboard the Red Cross service boat Caritas helps boaters and holiday-makers in the Väståboland archipelago in the summertime.

If you are able to provide first aid and do not suffer from seasickness, Caritas welcomes you aboard!

Red Cross aid workers work around the world and deliver aid to where it is needed the most. We are constantly complementing our personnel reserve with professionals from different fields, especially doctors and nurses, logistics and disaster preparedness experts, financial management, IT, communications and development cooperation professionals.

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