People, Simply story-sharing café

17:00 to 19:30
Matarankatu 4, 40100, Jyväskylä
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What unites us as people? Whose story would you like to hear, and what would you like to tell about yourself? Whose voice is left unheard in our society? We seek answers to these questions in the People, Simply story-sharing café. People from different backgrounds sit around the same table, and with instructions from the Story Sharing Universum theatre group everyone is introduced to the unknown.

People, Simply is a campaign by Amnesty Finland, Finn Church Aid and the Finnish Red Cross.  The campaign wants to start a change towards a more multi-voiced, compassionate and equal Finland. It also shows that despite our different backgrounds, we have a lot in common.

Please register by e-mail

You are warmly welcome – let’s simply be people together!

Contact vilma.vuorio@amnesty.fifor more information. The event is mostly in Finnish, English and Swedish, but translation is available in French, Spanish, Arabic and Dari. We hope that people working with multiculturality, immigrants or asylum seekers encourage everyone around them to join.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!