Domestic aid

Tero Ahtee
Image: Tero Ahtee

The Red Cross volunteers in Finland help people who are dealing with an accident or other crisis.

Volunteers help the victims of accidents and support the authorities in their work. Aid is provided in sudden accidents when effects on individuals or families are unreasonable and make it difficult to manage everyday life. These situations include:

  • fire
  • natural disaster
  • traffic accident
  • being a victim of crime
  • disaster

Aid can be given as psychological and material support.

We prevent social exclusion

Preventing people from being driven into a vulnerable position or becoming socially excluded is an essential part of the domestic aid provided by the Red Cross. The local branches develop different kinds of ways to support people who are in danger of social exclusion. The aim is to improve the possibilities of surviving everyday life independently for people in need of support.

For more information about the activities in different regions, contact the district offices.