Valentine’s Day for everyone

Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on 14 February. The day is dedicated to remembering your loved ones, but the Red Cross encourages people to also think about those who are alone.

Anyone can be lonely...
But fortunately, anyone can be a friend as well.
In Finland, up to a fifth of the population feels lonely, at least occasionally. Loneliness can feel like being invisible or empty or not belonging anywhere. It can also manifest itself as physical pain.
By reducing loneliness, you can make a difference in your community. Enjoyable moments and a better mood are contagious: they are good for you and society at large.

Join us in alleviating loneliness

The Red Cross alleviates loneliness by providing friends for those who wish to have company. The friends get together and spend time in a manner that suits them, such as having coffee or exercising outside.
Everyone is welcome to become a volunteer friend. The Red Cross organises friendship courses that detail what friendship volunteering means.
On Valentine’s Day, volunteers organise Iloa ystävyydestä (Joy from Friendship) events across Finland. People can attend the events to get to know the Finnish Red Cross and, if they want to, sign up for volunteering.
The events are also ideal for those who wish to meet a friend through the Red Cross. Valentine’s Day is for everyone!
The friendship courses and Valentine’s Day events can be found online in our event calendar.
Want to support our friendship activities with a donation? You can donate online.