Sudden accident

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Death of a loved one. Traffic accident. Unemployment. Illness. Natural disaster. However commonplace or unexpected an event may be, it can feel impossible to overcome. We can help if you are dealing with an accident or a crisis.

Psychological support when dealing with an accident

Everyone reacts to devastating events individually. It is healthy and normal. Strong emotions may also be evoked by thoughts about what could have happened to you or your loved ones.

However, it is good to recognise these reactions – both yours and those of others. It is also good to think about how we could support our loved ones if needed.  

Possible feelings and reactions that can arise after a shocking experience are listed on these pages. Do not compare your reaction to that of others. Reacting to different kinds of events is always individual. One person can have a stronger reaction than someone else in the same situation.

Material aid for life after an accident

An accident that affects you personally is devastating and makes it difficult to manage everyday life. The consequences can be tough both psychologically and financially.

Our local branches help the victims of accidents through support given to the authorities. We provide help in sudden accidents, the effects of which on an individual or a family are beyond reasonable. For example we offer material aid to those who have lost their homes due to a fire or a natural disaster.

Victim Support Finland provides support to victims and witnesses of crime

Anyone can become a victim of crime at any time. Even a crime that seems small can make the victim need outside help, advice and support. Feelings of insecurity are fairly common among victims of crime. This can manifest itself in avoiding different kinds of situations. Sometimes just going outside the home can feel overwhelming.

Victim Support helps the victims of crime and their loved ones. Trained volunteers offer callers practical advice and psychological support. You can get a personal support person through Victim Support. The support person can, for example, assist in filing a notice of a crime or support in legal proceedings.

Victim Support has eight regional offices around the country.

Victim Support Finland

Preparedness group of psychologists support the authorities

The Red Cross coordinates a nationwide preparedness group of psychologists for disasters and special situations. On the request of the authorities, the group organises psycho-social support.

The preparedness group is alerted by the Red Cross central office.

The psychological support guidelines contain information about how to deal with an accident or a crisis.

The psychological support guidelines contain information about how to overcome an accident or a crisis and support your loved ones.