Help for loneliness

Katja Lösönen
Image: Katja Lösönen

The Red Cross friend volunteer friends bring joy to lonely everyday life. You can ask for a long-term friend or one-time assistance through the Red Cross district office.

Loneliness can hit young people, adults and the elderly – anyone regardless of their age, sex or cultural background. Loneliness can be caused by a separation from one’s family or a new and strange situation in life, for instance. Making friends can be difficult for many different reasons.

A friend volunteer listens and provides support

Red Cross volunteers are trained for their work. A friend volunteer is first and foremost someone who listens and provides support. With a friend volunteer, you can have a coffee, go to the theatre or just go for a walk. You can think of ways to meet together.

Friend volunteer of the Red Cross help

  • the elderly
  • the disabled
  • recovering mental health patients
  • immigrants
  • prisoners
  • lonely young people.

Group activities bring sunshine into your life

In addition to friend activities, the Red Cross organises group activities for young people and the elderly. Possible activities include discussions, baking, handicraft, exercise, talking about films as well as artistic activities – the members of the group can have a say on the content of the group’s activities. Do not hesitate to join!
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