Health issues

Pentti Vänskä
Image: Pentti Vänskä

The Red Cross offers free help and support related to health issues. In addition to promoting basic health, the Red Cross provides support in HIV and AIDS issues and gives advice on intoxicants.

1. Advice at Healthpoints

See Healtpoints on the map below:

The Finnish Red Cross has Healthpoints that offer free health services. Voluntary health care professionals give advice and can, for example, measure your blood pressure. You can also participate in different kinds of events and group activities at Healthpoints.

You can visit a Healthpoint without an appointment.

2. HIV information and support

The Red Cross works to prevent HIV infection by providing guidance, education and training. We offer support to those who have become infected and to their family as well as to those who are afraid of infection.


Pluspoints are drop-in centres that offer the chance to talk about issues related to HIV infection and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex. You can also take an HIV test anonymously, contact a personal support person and visit without an appointment. See contact information here (in finnish).

Nationwide HIV advice linehas been closed for the foreseeable future. During the past 30 years, numerous people calling the helpline have received guidance, support and advice from trained Red Cross volunteers. The Red Cross would like to warmly thank all the volunteers for their valuable work. 

3. Intoxicant advice

You can meet Red Cross intoxicant advisors at a school or a festival, for example. Our voluntary intoxicant advisors have completed a course that prepares them for the role. They would be happy to talk about intoxicants with you. They do not judge you, but give matter-of-fact information and assist in finding treatment if required.