The sponsors of the international aid of the Finnish Red Cross

Mika Jouhki
Ester Chiwalo, a volunteer in the Malawin Red Cross is on her way to an hiv-positive patient..
Image: Mika Jouhki

The Finnish donors and the global network of the Red Cross make it possible for the Finnish Red Cross to conduct efficient aid operations.

High-quality work and trust are the prerequisites for funding. The most significant donors to the operations of the Finnish Red Cross are the Finnish Foreign Ministry, the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission (ECHO) and the Development and Cooperation Directorate-General (EuropeAid).

The European Union, i.e. the member states and the Commission together, funds 56% of the humanitarian aid for the entire world.

All this help is aided by you: It is not only your donation to our Disaster Relief Fund that supports our operations but also the taxes you pay.  Our most significant donors would not be able to support us without your help.

About the Disaster Relief Fund
Due to the unallocated funds donated to the Disaster Relief Fund, the Finnish Red Cross is able to respond to the need for aid within hours and with great volume both in Finland and abroad.

The Foreign Ministry
Finland directs its development and humanitarian aid bilaterally, regionally, and multilaterally as well as through NGO's and the EU. Finland’s aid reaches almost anywhere.

The Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission funds humanitarian aid operations in countries outside the European Union. The aid is directed at the victims of disasters and conflicts.

The Development and Cooperation Directorate-General of the European Commission is responsible for creating the development policy of the European Union and for delivering development aid globally through various programmes and projects.