Join youth activities

Sami Sillanpää
Image: Sami Sillanpää

We offer various activities for young people. You can find a permanent and regular hobby or assist every now and then.

You can work alone or in a group, in Finland or internationally. The hobby could come in handy when you aim for a specific profession or job.

As a Red Cross volunteer, you can take on the following tasks, for example:

Reddie Kids clubs
Reddie Kids is a junior club for those aged between 7 and 12 years. The clubs offer young people a fun and safe environment where you can learn first aid skills through games for example.

If you are over 15 years, you can also work as a Reddie Kids club facilitator.

Youth groups
Group activities give those aged between 13 and 17 years a chance to make a difference in their local area and to take a stand for better everyday life and for those who are less fortunate. A youth group normally gathers once a week and is led by a trained youth group instructor.

Red Cross branches organise summer camps for children and young people all across Finland. Camps offer the chance to learn about the different activities of the Red Cross, such as first aid and friend visitor activities, international work and humanitarian law. The camps also offer a great place to work as a voluntary instructor or other camp worker.

International activities
Youth delegates are Red Cross members who are 18 years or over and trained to work in organisational development. If you are between 18 and 28 years of age, speak fluent English and have experience of voluntary work, you can apply for the Basic Training Course for Youth Delegates. After completing it, you may get the chance to experience international aid work and guide camp groups that go abroad.

You can also participate in events organised by other countries’ Red Cross and Red Crescent branches.

You can also be involved in these Red Cross activities:

  • Volunteer collector
  • Friend visitor
  • Humanitarian law activities
  • Festival volunteer
  • HIV and AIDS work
  • First aid activities
  • Ski slope volunteer
  • Multicultural activities