Join ski slope volunteers

Niklas Meltio
Image: Niklas Meltio

A ski slope volunteer is a first aid volunteer who helps injured skiers on the slopes and provides emergency first aid. If you like downhill skiing and possess a first aid card, join the Red Cross ski slope volunteers.

Each winter, approximately 500 ski slope volunteers trained by the Red Cross are on duty at Finnish skiing centres.

They help no fewer than 1,200 to 1,400 injured skiers annually.

The main task of a ski slope volunteer is to provide first aid for any skiing injuries at the scene of the accident.

How can I become a ski slope volunteer?

Since ski slope volunteers work at skiing centres, good downhill skiing skills are a prerequisite. In addition, a person wanting to become a ski slope volunteer must possess valid certificates of the basic first aid course EA 1 and the advanced first aid course EA 2.

After completing these courses, you can apply for a 20-hour course for the Red Cross ski slope volunteers. After this course, the volunteer gets a Red Cross ski slope volunteer ID card, valid for three years. The card is updated each year.

The minimum age for ski slope volunteers is 18 years. The volunteer must be a member of the Red Cross.

For information on ski slope volunteer course schedules, contact the nearest district office.

If you are interested in becoming a ski slope volunteer but have not completed any first aid courses yet, contact your local Red Cross district office. They will tell you when the next first aid course in your town or municipality is organised.